Jon Husted and Nina Turner spar over early voting: 5 observations from their endorsement interview |
One popular Republican argument in the early voting debate is that Ohioans have more days to cast ballots than voters in other states. That doesn’t wash with Turner.

“To cut days from voters in this state, to cut away opportunities in the evening and the weekends and to tell voters they should be grateful – because that’s basically what my Republican colleagues are saying – it’s almost like robbing somebody’s house and saying you should be grateful because your roof is still there,” she said.

40,000 Voter Registrations Have Mysteriously Vanished, Could Determine Control Of The Senate | ThinkProgress

Earlier this year, organizers fanned out across nearly every one of Georgia’s 159 counties and registered nearly 90 thousand people who have never voted in their lives, most of them people of color, many of them under 25 years old. But when the groups checked back in late August, comparing their registration database to the state’s public one, they noticed about 50,000 of the registrations had vanished, nearly all of them belonging to people of color in the Democratic-leaning regions around Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus.